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We've installed mobile security systems on over 20,000 school busses.

Since 2005, we have been traveling the nation to install video surveillance systems on transportation fleets. With our highly trained team of mobile surveillance installers that genuinely care about the safety of your passengers, you can relax knowing your mobile video surveillance system was installed accurately and thoroughly by the best in the industry.

That's our guarantee.

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Why work with us?

Because we give you...

Icon of a thumbs up hand next to a certified document to represent Wired On Demand Golden Sign-Off process

the Golden Sign-Off process...

to verify installation accuracy each step of the way.

Icon of a checklist on a clipboard with a clock to represent timely project reports.

timely project reports...

to keep you informed of our team's daily progress.

Icon of an open palm with a lightbulb above it to represent in-person training.

in-person training...

from highly trained and trustworthy professionals.

Icon of two hands shaking over a document to represent annual service contract.

annual service contract...

to keep your system running smoothly.

So you can feel...

Icon of a head profile with happy face inside to represent peace of mind.

peace of mind...

from a thorough installation job done to high standards.

Icon of two hands shaking with three people and a gear to represent hiring a qualified team.


knowing you hired the most qualified team in the industry.

Icon of a cloud connecting to different devices to represent seamless integration.


with using your new seamless surveillance system.


that your passengers are protected long-term.

Don’t waste your time and money with a botched installation from hiring a less experienced team!

Don't risk a botched installation job by using a less experienced company!

We guarantee an accurate and thorough mobile surveillance system installation.