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Now Hiring for installation Technician jobs in virginia with nationwide travel in 2022

We believe you should never feel less capable just because you don’t have a college degree. We want to help you fulfill your potential and achieve your lifelong goals with a professional career you can grow into.

That’s why we offer a paid training alternative for independent, determined individuals who value community & new experiences. 

We take the time to teach you everything you will need to know on-the-job after you’re hired. You’ll never have to feel inadequate or less valued. With us, you are seen for your potential and recognized for your motivation to learn.

Our Hiring Process

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Step 1

Fill out your online application if you meet the installation technician job requirements below.

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Step 2

Schedule your interview.

Once your application is reviewed and if you are qualified, we will reach out to schedule your interview. Your interview can be held in person if you live near our headquarters, or virtually if you live out of state.

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Step 3

Pass your probation period & get hired.

If your interviewer thinks you are a good fit, you will be offered a position as a installation technician with a probation period. This helps us determine if you are coachable and a good addition to our team. Your probation period may last anywhere from 3-7 days.

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Step 4

Start your career as a junior installation technician.

After you pass your probation, you will be officially hired onto our team and complete any remaining paperwork. Unless you are coming to us with prior industry experience, you will start as a junior technician to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be promoted.

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Step 5

Get promoted to senior installation technician or leadership.

In as little as 6 months, you may be promoted to senior technician where you will lead your team through installations. If you are qualified, you may also be offered a leadership position in management.

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We are now hiring for installation technician jobs in Virginia with nationwide travel in 2022.

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