Mobile Security System Installation

Located in Virginia, Traveling Nationwide

If your transportation fleet is in need of a mobile security system installation, our process will guarantee the job is done accurately. Our team of highly trained technicians have worked on a variety of projects of all different sizes and are keen to adapt to your unique situation.

White bus from The Ohio State University in a warehouse having security system installed by Wired On Demand

Our Installation Process

We guarantee your mobile security system will work seamlessly thanks to our consistent installation process.

Icon of a surveillance camera.

Step 1

Purchase a mobile security system.

Purchase your surveillance solution from a reputable company. We are familiar with a variety of system types, making us adaptable to your unique situation.

Hire us as your mobile surveillance installers. Icon of a hand holding a ticket to represent receipt.

Step 2

After your mobile security system purchase, request us for your installation.

Reach out and request us to install your new video security system on your entire fleet. We work with your brand’s company to coordinate all the fine details.

Icon of a house with packages inside and a shield with a check mark to represent inventory in stock.

Step 3

We verify your equipment inventory before arrival.

It’s important that we have all the tools we need for the job before we fly to your location. That is why we call to confirm that the equipment you ordered is in stock and on site. This ensures that your installation is done according to the proposed timeline with no delays.

Icon of a thumbs up hand next to a certified document to represent Wired On Demand Golden Sign-Off process

Step 4

We use our Golden Sign-Off installation process.

After over a decade in the industry, we’ve learned that with a consistent workflow in place, we can guarantee an accurate and thorough installation. This step allows us to review the placement and accuracy of each vehicle’s surveillance system before it is permanently installed. When we receive your seal of approval, we move forward with the rest of the job.

Icon of the front of a public transit bus.

Step 5

You relax knowing your passengers are safe.

After your mobile security system is accurately installed, we personally walk you through how to use and troubleshoot it. This gives you the chance to ask all your questions in-person and feel confident in your seamless system after we leave.

Why work with us?

Because we give you...

Icon of a thumbs up hand next to a certified document to represent Wired On Demand Golden Sign-Off process

the Golden Sign-Off process...

to verify installation accuracy each step of the way.

Icon of a checklist on a clipboard with a clock to represent timely project reports.

timely project reports...

to keep you informed of our team's daily progress.

Icon of an open palm with a lightbulb above it to represent in-person training.

in-person training...

from highly trained and trustworthy professionals.

Icon of two hands shaking over a document to represent annual service contract.

annual service contract...

to keep your system running smoothly.

So you can feel...

Icon of a head profile with happy face inside to represent peace of mind.

peace of mind...

from a thorough installation job done to high standards.

Icon of two hands shaking with three people and a gear to represent hiring a qualified team.


knowing you hired the most qualified team in the industry.

Icon of a cloud connecting to different devices to represent seamless integration.


with using your new seamless surveillance system.


that your passengers are protected long-term.

Don’t waste your time and money with a botched installation from hiring a less experienced team!

Pliers and a screwdriver with yellow and black handles with a white video security camera waiting to be installed
Security camera and hand tools

Our Service Guarantee

You deserve a team of Vehicle surveillance installation experts. that's why we promise to deliver a reliable experience every time.

Other careless installers will leave you feeling confused, worried, and frustrated. Our white-glove service is guaranteed to impress you.

Feel confident knowing your mobile video surveillance system was installed to the highest industry standard.

Your passengers will thank you.